We are changing direction and using our experience to help transform the lawyer/client relationship!




Speaking with thousands of lawyers through my work in Harris Cost Lawyers, it is clear that many are struggling with the significant changes occurring in the profession.  These changes are brought about by:

  • The “more for less” demands of clients
  • The impact of technology on the delivery of legal services
  • The race to the bottom in pricing of legal work
  • Increased competition from other professional service providers.

In contrast, my work in Allocatur Consulting, specialising in advising corporate and government clients on management of their legal services demand, highlighted the frustration of many in-house counsel regarding the lack of value delivered by their external lawyers – in how the work is undertaken, the interactions with their clients, or that the price charged does not represent a reasonable ROI.

These frustrations are centred on the concept of hourly billing.  Lawyers and clients value legal services by reference to the time spent and the tasks undertaken.  This is not how other professional service providers work, nor how other purchases are made.  It is time to change the value conversation because if that occurs, the lawyer/client relationship transforms.  Law firms that can understand the client’s perception of value, and deliver services in a manner and at a price aligned with value, have a major competitive advantage in these challenging times.

Through Allocatur I have worked with clients. Through HCL I have worked with law firms. My new business, Ovid Consulting allows me to draw on the particular insights I have gained working with “both sides of the fence” to help law firms and their clients transform the lawyer/client relationship through the value discussion.

It will do this by:

  • Helping lawyers understand the client’s perception of value
  • Guiding law firms to “set the price, get the price and keep the price”
  • Working with law firms to use design thinking, legal project management and process improvements to deliver services in a manner which aligns with the clients’ objectives


Through Harris Cost Lawyers I will continue to provide discrete cost law services: advice work and expert witness work in class action cost approvals and gross sum/lump sum costs applications. For those of you who will require cost law services in future other than expert witness work, you will find contact details here of some of my former employees, who I can recommend as great cost lawyers.


Finally, you may want to check out my blog “Life Hacks for Lawyers” – tips on productivity, technology, and other means of achieving that Holy Grail of life/work balance as a lawyer.  I’m hoping that you will be interested in reading my blog posts.  You will find an opt in form on the blog.  And I hope to see you all in this new phase of my life in the law and to have the opportunity to speak with you in person about it!

Liz Harris