Providing the best solution, not just the obvious

As our name suggests, we deal with legal costs, whether costs between parties, or costs charged by lawyers to their clients.

Our focus is on finding the best solution, not just the obvious.

Put simply, we put ourselves in your shoes and give you the advice we would want to be given.  We are not afraid to tell you that we can’t help you or that the cost of the solution will outweigh the benefit.  We work with the legal team to give strategic advice on how the costs issues tie into the bigger picture and should be best approached.

We understand the importance of ROI and proportionality of cost – there is no point in paying us $5,000, to recover $6,000.  Our focus is always on finding a pragmatic, commercial solution which maximises return on investment and ties into our client’s business objectives.

We can help you with the following :


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