Gross sum cost cases in which I have acted as expert witnesses

Seven Network Ltd v News Limited (Federal Court)

Pegela v National Mutual Life Association (Victorian Supreme Court)

University of Western Australia v Gray  (Federal Court)

Sunland Waterfront (BVI) Ltd v Prudentia Investments Pty Ltd  (Victorian Supreme Court)

Love v Vicroads (Victorian Supreme Court)

Love v Thwaites & Anor (Victorian Supreme Court)

Telstra Corporation Limited v Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd   (Federal Court)

Wright Prospecting Pty Ltd v Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd (West Australian Supreme Court)

Sheehan v Brett-Young (Victorian Supreme Court)

Hodgson v Amcor (Victorian Supreme Court, 2015)

Holdsworth & Ellison v RSPCA (Victorian Supreme Court, 2016)



Seven Limited v News Limited & Ors (C7 case)

Federal court proceedings brought by Seven against News, Telstra, Optus, Ten, the ARL, the AFL and others relating to closure of the C7 Sports Channel.  One of the largest Federal Court cases to run to trial.  Liz Harris was engaged as expert witness by Seven Limited in respect of claims for tens of millions of dollars in costs by the defendants in a gross sum costs application.