Elizabeth Harris

I have spent more than 25 years as a cost lawyer – a fact which horrifies some lawyers. They don’t understand costs law is not counting pages and folios! I have been involved in matters with tens of millions of dollars in costs at stake and with complex legal issues,  requiring research on esoteric areas of law.

I believe it’s important that cost law be recognised as the speciality that it is. For this reason, I am actively involved as joint editor of Quick on Costs, former joint editor of Butterworths Legal Costs Victoria, former chair of the Board supervising Costs Law Specialisation, and former chair of the Costs Law Section of the Victorian Law Institute.

I headed up a group drafting a new Supreme Court Scale of costs, which formed the basis of Federal Court Scale. I have sat as a Taxing Officer of the fees of Bankruptcy Trustees, and a former sessional member of the Legal Practice list of VCAT.

I regularly act as an expert witness in litigation, such as security for costs, gross sum costs applications and application for costs approvals in class actions. Explaining costs law to counsel (and to the courts) can sometimes be challenging. The most prominent case I have been involved in as an expert are the C7 case in the Federal Court, involving the closure of the C7 sports channel. More recently I have given evidence in a security for costs application in the NAB/Pathways class action in the Victorian Supreme Court and in the gross sum cost assessment in Sunland v Prudentia & Joyce.

I can be reached at liz.harris@ovidconsulting.com.au or on +61 411 100 724.



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